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Angiolino Papi at the wheel of the tractor - Farmer and Head Farmer at I Tatti , 1960s onwards

Angiolino lived and worked on the I Tatti estate for almost sixty years. He was there from the time of Berenson, whom he remembers meeting on BB’s daily walks, and till the time when his daughter Rosanna Papi was honored for being a member of the Villa staff for twenty five years. Angiolino’s family came to work at I Tatti in 1953 and moved into the farmhouse, the building that is now the Geier Library, in 1954. Angiolino’s father and brothers worked on the estate when the mezzadria system of farming was still in place. Life then was hard for the family but things gradually improved once the mezzadria system was abolished. By the late 1960’s, Angiolino was employed full-time by the Villa. He was Head Farmer at I Tatti for many years and always took immense care and pride in his work. Angiolino Papi died in 2013.

Meeting Mr. Berenson on his walks (in Italian)

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Angiolino Papi's story (in Italian interviewed by Lino Pertile and Anna Bensted)

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