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Myron Laskin – Art historian and Fellow at I Tatti in the mid-60’s (Photo by Louis Meluso - All rights reserved)

Myron first came to I Tatti in 1952. An art historian, he frequented the Library and was regularly invited to tea with Berenson and Nicky Mariano. Myron came back to the Villa in the early 1960s as a Fellow for two years. He was at the Villa in 1966 at the time of the flood in Florence, and was one of many at I Tatti who helped out in the rescue and restoration of damaged books and art works. Myron went on to become the Curator of the European Collection at the National Gallery of Canada and then Curator of Paintings at the Getty. He retired in 1989.

The warmth of I Tatti - in the Library and thanks to a grilling by BB

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