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Bernard Berenson was not a man of great physical stature, yet he had an imposing presence and made a great impression on those he met. Below are memories, mostly first impressions, from those who met him in the 1940s and 1950s.

William Mostyn Owen

BB: "Come sit here till someone more important comes"

Nelda Cantarella Ferace

The Salvemini and Smith connection. BB 'Attractive and wickedly witty'

Walter Kaiser

A nervous young student comes to meet Mr. Berenson

Michael Rinehart

BB at Tea

Myron Laskin

The warmth of I Tatti - in the Library and thanks to a grilling by BB

Angiolino Papi

Meeting Mr. Berenson on his walks (in Italian)


Liliana Ciullini

Starting to work at I Tatti -1947 - bowties and Berenson [in Italian]


John Walker
(as told by Gillian Walker)

How BB became a father figure for John Walker

Luisa Vertova

BB adopts an unwell young art historian (interview by Mary Landor)


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