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William Mostyn-Owen - Berenson’s Assistant and later Director at Christie’s

William (often known as Willy) arrived at I Tatti in 1951, as he put it, ‘more by accident than design’. In subsequent travels around Europe William would send extensive notes to Berenson about what he was seeing in various museums. Berenson in turn would ask him to take photographs of artworks he was missing from his photographic collection. In 1953 William returned to I Tatti to work on the new editions of Berenson’s publications and a bibliography of BB’s writings. For the next two years, William lived in the Villino or Villa and often travelled with BB and Nicky. Of this period he said: "It completely changed my life… I got fascinated by art history". He went on to become a Director at Christie’s and became particularly ‘interested in attribution’. William Mostyn-Owen died in 2011.

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